Monday, November 24, 2008

Time does fly.

My goodness, time does fly.

this morning i was at the bus stop waiting for the usual bus i get, to get to school. & then something hit me (not literally), time’s gone sooo quick. i mean, i have realized it before. but this morning, it made it all clear to me. it was as if only yesterday i was in year 6.

everyone says, time goes so quick.. but i feel like the more people say that- the more time does go quick. it's almost christmas again soon, then after christmas- new year! it's as if that one year has only been one whole hour.

when i was little, i never thought of going or moving to abroad. i never really thought about future then. all i thought about was playign with my best friend and wave to an aeroplane when ever i would see one pass by. coz back then, i always thought that my mom was in every single one of those aeroplanes.

here's the story...
since i was 2, my mum moved to aborad to find a better job. and she did, i just had to put up with the fact that i won’t be seing her as often as i could. so then, i got used to my nan (ina-po), cousins, aunties and uncle taking care of me. although, when i was little i never really thought about much. how life goes, how we had to save up money and how your loved ones have to sacrifice for you to get a better life.

it's just so fast. i miss the early days, i miss my old classmates, i miss my old school and i miss my lolo & lola (grandparents).

i hate it when time just flashes before your eyes, you get this feeling that you’re not satisfied with what just happened. so, quick tip: do what you have to do, be what you want yourselves to be, be happy & just be thankful with what & who you have in your life.

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