Friday, December 10, 2010

What keeps you going?

We come across a lot of different situations in life: challenging situations or not-so-challenging ones. Personally, I have more challenging situations in my life. And sometimes, I end up literally not having a clue of what to do next, and I hate it. It's like you sit there, probably looking like some sort of mental patient and you just don't know what to do.

Whenever someone would stop me from what it is I want to do, I just ask myself 'does it really matter what they think?'. And I know it's really cliche but, you actually have to ask yourself that once in a while. You can't always listen to what people say or think about you or what you want to do because if it's something negative then, you're going to get no where. For me, I think that believing in yourself is one of the major thing to get get a hold of. Because once you do, there's no need to doubt yourself if you can achieve something, you go for it instantly. Some fail miserably but that's only because they didn't believe in their self enough or didn't give their self that extra push. Everyone, and I mean everyone needs an extra push when it comes to trying to achieve something big. No one gets what they want or wish that quickly. Unless ofcourse you're some sort of multi-millionare/billionare and people are literally at your feet just waiting for you to throw them a bone.

Family is another thing that keeps me going. Knowing that they're there to support me really helps big time. Because they're like my fans. They're there to tell me if I'm doing something stupid, they're there to tell me to 'snap out of it', and they're there to cheer me on. I really do feel blessed and thankful to have them because I know that not everyone has fans like I do. I wan to say that I don't want to get too cheesy but I'm sure I've gone passed that line already, so there's really no point of me telling you guys that. Friends are also a huge help because I mean, friends are just the best. They can be a real stone cold bitch to you because they know they're doing it for your own good.

Oh and one last thing that really keeps me going. My grandmother. I don't want this to turn into a soap and I'm not trying to get any sympathy votes or anything, but my grandmother who has passed away six years ago owns a lot of the credit for why I am where I am now.

Friday, December 3, 2010

What would I do if I won the lottery?

So this question was asked to me by my cousin, and an on-going question in the economy we're in right now. 'What would you do, if you won the lottery?' Bearing in mind, we're talking about winning P741-million pesos, which would be around £11-million pounds. That's quite a lot. Okay, maybe I'm being a bit too generous on the 'quite a lot' bit, because lets be honest, that's a lot of money. Especially if you're poor or middle class.

This is what I would do personally.
First, I would ask my family what they wanted. Absolutely ANYTHING they could dream of. It could be a sports car, a penthouse or a big giant panda. I would spoil them because they're my family. Simple as that. Secondly, I would ask my friends if they were having any troubles financially or any problems that money could solve. Then I would treat them to a designer handbag each or whatever they fancied. Thirdly, seeing as I'm a Filipino, and I have a lot of love for my people and my country... I would buy a couple of lands in the Philippines to build houses and apartments on for some of the poor people to live in. No one should ever have to live and die on the streets. Everyone deserves a home. And because I have a very soft spot for the elderlies, I would get a place built especially for them to stay in, with people taking care of their needs. After all that, if the church in my homewtown needs refurbishing, I'm going to help them with the money or just donate an amount big enough. Lastly, I would buy the things I want. I know this sounds like I'm trying to be such a good person but honestly, this is what I would actually do. The church bit wasn't in my orginal answer as I never thought of it, but a couple of people have mentioned it to me as one of the things they would do and I thought, why not do the same? Not because I want to get into heaven or anything but simply because it's a nice thing to do.

Here are some of the answers I got, when I asked them the question:

if i were to win in lottery i wil buy hauzes in US and UK as a sart of a good investment then i will also buy lamborghini sportscar and Ducati motorbike so i can play dirt riding wid my hubby...hmpp,,wakeup wakeup..LOL! anyways daydreaming is free.. -Monette M.

I would give a million to my close family memebers and go around the world with my family :) -Rachel R.

I would be ill and shocked. -Reema M.

I would donate a big part and with the rest I'd do a world trip, buy my parents sth they need and save the rest for bad times. -Sophie S.

Have a church built then fly to New York. -Kyzzle G.

Everyone has their own dreams, but if you won the lottery, could that amount of money make your dreams come true? What would you do if you won the lottery?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

My saturday night.

So... yesterdat night, another party occured. It was a surprise 13th birthday this time; one of my best friends sisters. Believe it or not, I have never been to a surprise birthday. I got invited before but couldn't make it due to someone else's birthday. Yes, I can be a busy bee sometimes. Meaning, I actually do have a social life, which is rare.

I think giving someone a surprise birthday party is actually pretty awesome. I sure know as heck want one. The day will come when someone will plan a party or a gathering of people if you may, just for me. For my birthday. Who am I kidding. No one would actually bother. I remember actually going to my mum and telling her how she should plan me a surprise birthday party and I'll just act surprise, or she doesn't have to tell me when she's gonna do it, so my surprise face doesn't have to be a pretend one. She just looked at me like some loser to be honest. Meh. What else is new.

Anyway, I was obviously wearing heels to this party. Well, they're wedges to be precised. But they were some high ass wedges which pretty much murdered my feet after a couple of hours. Now don't give me the 'Oh you must not be used to wearing high shoes' kinda crap, because I am. I'm not saying I wear heels all the time, but I do quite often. Not gonna lie, these were some beautiful wedges, but Oh Good God at the pain.

This is the shoe I wore last night. (It's only 'shoe' because I cut this off from a picture so it's just showing one pair. Deal with it.)

Ps. Last night was also the night I attempted to dance to reggae music. And I clearly failed.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Here's the thing...

The thing is, I always plan on being more organize. Sorting my life and having things planned out. But when I get to actually sit down, I don't do what it was I intended to do in the first place. I'm pretty sure I'm not the one who's like that, but it's just annoying. It's annoying how easily distracted I get, it's annoying how much I procastinate and the most annoying of all, when I go to bed and think to myself, I'll definitely do it tomorrow. And then I don't.

Okay, maybe I'm making myself sound worse than I really am. I do have my good days like everyone else, when I do get on with work. I do the chores I was set, or even the chores I wasn't asked to do; because I'm a good child like that. Yeah right. Anyway, my point is... How do I put this, don't be like me. Don't procastinate, get distracted by OOOOOHHH a left over chocolate.. Kidding. Yeah, try not to get distracted easily and just do what it is you're supposed to be doing. Instead of lazing around, watching crap, munching on junk and gaining more and more fat on those thighs. Just do your work, so when you get to bed, you don't say to yourself 'I'll do it tomorrow'.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wake-up call.

Here's the deal. Today was results day and people are either really depressed, happy or satisfied.
When people say 'things happens for a reason', sometimes I think to myself 'do people actually believe that crap?' Because sometimes, the reasons are just not good enough. But just because you get a bad result doesn't mean your life is over. Just move on and think of other options. I know it's harder than it sounds, we've all been there. I'm sorry to bring religous into this if you're not religious but here goes. God didn't give us these kind of obstacles if he thought we wouldn't make it. It's to keep us stronger and hopefully teach us a lesson. If we don't learn from our mistakes, what WILL we learn from? Nothing.
You can get angry and upset all you want from a bad grade but it's not actually going to do anything. I know I'm being a really harsh bitch and all, but there's nothing you can do now. Apart from move on, learn from it and do better next time. Sure there's gonna be some disappointed people but what else can you do when you've done your best? Plus it's not like it's The End. Because it isn't.

Monday, July 5, 2010


Oh holy moly. I haven't written a blog in like, for-ever? I don't really talk like that in real life. But Oh my actual golly. No corny, depressing, life rambles in like five months? That is like so not like me. Kai, I'm gonna stop talking like that.

How's life on your ends ei? Mine's going pret-ty swell. (Did I really just say 'swell'?) I guess I did. It's swell BECAUSE, guess who's going to The Big Apple this month? This bitch. You can't really see it but I was literally pointing at myself then. But yup, little asian me is gonna be on a plain soon on a 7hour flight to the NYC! As some of you may now, I'm a big fan of that particualr city so you know how excited I am. Ummm, your mom getting laid excited! That's right.

I can't really be bothered to ramble too much which is fairly surprising since all I do is talk. Sitting here, very tired and still have not yet packed for THE vacation. That's it for now my pretties.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

How about some 30 facts?

If you're interested, then have a read.

1. I'm an Asian, yes asian.
2. I love Meryl Streep, full stop.
3. I was born in the humidity also known as the summer.
4. I like to eat sushi. Not because I'm asian but because I think it's got a lovely taste.
5. I can be very moody at times and when I am, make sure there's nothing sharp next to me or your arm.
6. I am indeed an impatient human being, sometimes anyway.
7. I can be very hyper in an annoying and painful way.
8. I hate public transport. Nothing good can come of them. Smelly feet and armpits? No thanks, I'm good. I don't care how high maintenance I am.
9. A very dramatic person. Most of the things occuring in my life would be treated as a Shakepeare play.
10. I actually hate compliments. I find it a very awkward and uncomfortable situation.
11. Love, love, love fashion. Designer or high street, it doesn't matter.
12. Acting is my passion. Hence the over drmaticness.
13. I love to sing even if I sound like I'm being choked and I've swallowed furballs.
14. Rainbows cheer me up sometimes.
15. I use sarcasm as a weapon and also hitting people.
16. I do hate big fat liars.
17. I could actually live on noodles. I don't care about how artificial they are.
18. A part of me would be missing if I didn't have my phone with me.
19. The internet is one of my best friends. Yes, best friend.
20. My family is in the mafia business. Just kidding. Or am I?
21. I love fried chicken. I tried being a vegeterian and I lasted about four hours.
22. Can keep a secret and a promise.
23. I tend to stutter when I'm nervous, so expect something like SHABALALAHRTERT to come out my mouth.
24. I don't realize how little personal space I give to people.
25. I love to cook, even if its appearance turns out like dog turd sometimes.
26. I support gay rights. Coz why wouldn't I?
27. The cinema is like my third home. (Shopping malls being the second.)
28. According to people that know me, I always look like I wanna punch someone in the face when I'm walking alone. I'm sorry! That's just how my face is.
29. Day dream quite a LOT. So if you're talking to me and I don't answer you straight away, then you know the reason.
30. I love travelling.

That's all.