Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sticking together

While writing this blog, I'm talking to my cousin Ate Monette. The more time we spend time together the more we bond and the more we’re getting to know each other. I never really thought that we would be two people who would discuss on what kind of blogs to write. As I’ve said on one of my previous blogs, I never really thought of writing blogs as a… hobby, that was until Ate Monette told me that she’s wrote a couple of blogs. So I read one of them. I’m not gonna go into details but lets just say that that particular blog that I’ve read really touched me. I’m not trying to be corny by the way, even though it'll most probably will come out corny.

So anyway, here we are again. Me and Ate Monette on Live Messenger having a normal chat and a certain topic comes to mind- ‘Blog’. Now we’re writing about sticking together which I think is a topic that can cover both sides of happiness and sadness. She speciically said 'no one cries okay'. (We tend to be such cry babies.)

For me ‘sticking together’ is like… the rain and the clouds. The rain can’t happen if there were no clouds and if there was no rain the clouds would be pointless. Also it’s like, your eyes and your tears. What’s the point of having eyes when you can’t let a single shed of tear drop from them when you’re sad and that’s all you could do but to cry. You get the point.

Me and my family are just like that. When we're all together, it's like there's a bloody festival going on. Like that time when I went back to the Phils. (this year). We would talk until night time and even a power cut wouldn't stop us from being noisy buggers. When ever the power cut would occur, we would make this some sort of noise which spells out “Wuhuyyy!!!”. And then when the power would go back on, we would all scream of happiness. No, I'm serious. We were acting as if we didn't have any neighbours next to us. We were just so freaking loud.

So basically, your family is always there whether you want them there or not (hopefully for all of us). That’s the true passion of sticking together. Especially when you need a shoulder to cry on. Like, when you have a problem and you need to talk to someone; that someone could be who ever you want as long you think that they’re the right person to talk to and they’ve stuck by you through thick and thin. Or maybe, when you really need to talk to someone just coz you feel like there’s no hope left on this world. Okay, maybe that’s too major, but you know what I mean. It could just be that you just really need someone to listen to you. I hope you're getting this. Just always think that you have someone there to help you and to stick by you no matter what. There is always someone sticking with us even though we never realize it.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Time does fly.

My goodness, time does fly.

this morning i was at the bus stop waiting for the usual bus i get, to get to school. & then something hit me (not literally), time’s gone sooo quick. i mean, i have realized it before. but this morning, it made it all clear to me. it was as if only yesterday i was in year 6.

everyone says, time goes so quick.. but i feel like the more people say that- the more time does go quick. it's almost christmas again soon, then after christmas- new year! it's as if that one year has only been one whole hour.

when i was little, i never thought of going or moving to abroad. i never really thought about future then. all i thought about was playign with my best friend and wave to an aeroplane when ever i would see one pass by. coz back then, i always thought that my mom was in every single one of those aeroplanes.

here's the story...
since i was 2, my mum moved to aborad to find a better job. and she did, i just had to put up with the fact that i won’t be seing her as often as i could. so then, i got used to my nan (ina-po), cousins, aunties and uncle taking care of me. although, when i was little i never really thought about much. how life goes, how we had to save up money and how your loved ones have to sacrifice for you to get a better life.

it's just so fast. i miss the early days, i miss my old classmates, i miss my old school and i miss my lolo & lola (grandparents).

i hate it when time just flashes before your eyes, you get this feeling that you’re not satisfied with what just happened. so, quick tip: do what you have to do, be what you want yourselves to be, be happy & just be thankful with what & who you have in your life.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's not always about sinking to the bottom.

in life, you're not always sinking. ofcourse there's good bits. life has it’s ups & downs so just try to live with it. i’m not saying don’t do anything about it but try to keep your reasons into a minimum level.

before these past couple of weeks, i never really thought about writing a blog. but one day, me and my family talked online. we got to talking, the usual 'how are you', and then me & ate (sister) monette got to talking about blogs. she asked me if i write my own blogs. i said no, but after reading her blog- ‘the babysitter… bow’, i got to thinking that- writing blogs isn’t just about talking non sense. its about letting people out there know how you specifically feel.

anyway, as i was saying. it’s not always about sinking to the bottom. we have commitments, promises and lies. but the truth is, to survive what ever you’re sinking at.. we’re just going to have to be brave & just be adventurous. we can’t always be happy, we have to be sad sometimes- either heartbroken or homesick, we’re just going to have say “i can do this”.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's not because you have to, it's becausse you need to.

there comes a time when you get separated from your loved ones. its either getting separated from the only guy/girl you’ve ever loved and you think there is no chance of you being re-united or being separated from your family and you hardly get to see them again. life really is hard, but i guess we have to live with it. even if you love that person, you’re just going to have to think “things happen for a reason”.

i personally do not believe in that saying. why? okay.. who can explain to me to why i didn't even get caught up with my nan before she passed away? i mean i admit i wasn’t the perfect grandaughter, i didn't always did what she wanted me to do but i loved her so much and for one last time i didnt even get to feel the warmth from her hand or her warm comforting words. what was that? karma or was it just how it was really suppose to go? but since then, i never really got my hopes up on anything anymore. i’m telling you this because, my ina-po (nan) was the closest person in my heart and we got separated in 2003. i was so stupid, that back then i told her "ina-po, promise that i would never leave you until God takes you". but did i ever keep that promise? no. because i was the stupid little girl who never really understood what promises meant. i don’t know if us two being separated was how it was meant to be but for goodness sake it was the worst decision ever to come cross my life.

you guys might think i’m being such a drama queen, but for once in my life when i had my ina-po that was the time when i actually had someone to catch me without me realizing it. now? i’m separated from my loved ones. to some people, they can really handle being separated to their family, as if its a piece of cake to them. but for me, it's the hardest thing ever. sometimes i think to myself- would have anything changed if i was with them this whole time? sometimes i don't even know what i'm doing with my life anymore. do you know that feeling? it’s like, life doesn’t make sense to you anymore.

to those people who got separated from the 'love of their life', the feeling is completely different. you'll start to ask questions like 'what if everything changes?', 'is it suppose to be like this?', 'what if there isn’t a happy ending to my story?' those kind of questions are the ones that hurt. but we have to face the fact that life isn’t always about having a laugh or finding your perfect prince charming or spending time with your loved ones all the time. one day you're gonna have to let go of them but don’t let them get far away that you can’t feel them anymore. let them get separated from you but don’t let them go which will lead to a tragic ending. we have to learn from our mistakes and move on. because if we don’t move on and be strong with what has happened, we’re never going to get our happy ending.

now, whenever i make a promise- i keep it.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A new day, a new start

They all say that a ‘new day’ is a ‘new start’. To me all days are the same. I guess the only time a new day is a new start to me is when i know I’m about to go onto an adventure.
Although, for other people: their life is always an adventure. Not that I'm jealous, but don't you just get that feeling when you want that feeling too? Or maybe, you wish that something would change in your life.. Maybe a big surprise? Who knows?

Oprah. I’m sure you all know who she is. If you don't, then what have you been doing all your existence? Anyway, because she's so famous and incredibly rich, I’m sure that everyday is a new start to her. She’s such a talented and lucky person. Fact: She got famous because she landed a job in radio while still in high school and began co-anchoring the local evening news at the age of 19. That was what started her of! She didn't just sit her ass down, in one corner and day dreamed all the time of what could actually happen in her life, but she actually did something to make it happen. Even though she didn’t have an easy life, and sh'es had unpleasant things happen to her, she stood up on her feet and moved on. Now she’s so successful, she can change you on to a different race if she wanted. Well, maybe not. But she's won academy awards and she has her own very famous talk show “The Oprah Winfrey Show”.

A lot of things can happen in one persons life, it doesn't matter if you're rich or poor. We're all different. Lemme ask you this... What do you actually want to happen in your life?

Monday, August 11, 2008

It's hard sometimes

It's hard sometimes to be away from your loved ones. Not even sometimes, all the time. You know that feeling when you're really happy because you know they're just right there next to you. Literally. But I don't feel that anymore. Because I’m in a place sooo far away I can’t even ask for a simple hug.
I moved to London, and most of my family are in the Philippines. Some in Italy, America and other places. I always believed in the saying- “even though they’re far apart, they’re still there for you.” But it's still difficult. It really is hard when you're far from each other. I miss those days where we would just hang out, hurt each other- physically and be super duper loud even if we're just next to each other. Those were some good times, right then.
They’re always telling me that its for the best, that it's for my own good being here. I guess it is but I look at it in a different way sometimes. It doesn't matter, we have to be strong and that’s what I’m trying to do. I guess all I can do is try to bare with it. After all, even though they're far away from me, they’re still in my heart. (Is it corny?)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ummm... Yeah.

Okay. So I’ve decided, as it’s been ages since I wrote my last blog… I thought I should write up a new one. Doesn’t matter what it’s about. Could be about any mumbo-jumbo crap that pops into my head.

Well, it’s my summer vacation and it’s going pretty alright so far. Although a friendship chain has been broken a few weeks ago but hey, that’s life. I mean, you learn who your true friends are and who you’re enemies are going to be. Maybe enemy is a strong word but I think you guys know what I’m saying. One word of advice: Chose your friends carefully, make sure they ain’t gonna turn out to be such assholes and make sure they know how to apologise in life. There are a few people out there who doesn’t know what the meaning of ’sorry’ means. You can call me old fashioned, but I prefer a person would apologise to me if they've done something wrong. Anyway, my point is there are people out there who will not have the balls to do so coz they're so high up on their pride. They probably think that you’re the one in the wrong and they have done nothing wrong to desserve the crap you’re giving them. I don’t think they realize ‘little’ things such as apologising can make a big difference.

I think that’s the only thing I can think of to write about. Nothing else is kinda popping into this little head of mine at the moment. So aren’t you lucky?

So, I wanna wish everyone a good week, take care and live your life. ;]