Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sticking together

While writing this blog, I'm talking to my cousin Ate Monette. The more time we spend time together the more we bond and the more we’re getting to know each other. I never really thought that we would be two people who would discuss on what kind of blogs to write. As I’ve said on one of my previous blogs, I never really thought of writing blogs as a… hobby, that was until Ate Monette told me that she’s wrote a couple of blogs. So I read one of them. I’m not gonna go into details but lets just say that that particular blog that I’ve read really touched me. I’m not trying to be corny by the way, even though it'll most probably will come out corny.

So anyway, here we are again. Me and Ate Monette on Live Messenger having a normal chat and a certain topic comes to mind- ‘Blog’. Now we’re writing about sticking together which I think is a topic that can cover both sides of happiness and sadness. She speciically said 'no one cries okay'. (We tend to be such cry babies.)

For me ‘sticking together’ is like… the rain and the clouds. The rain can’t happen if there were no clouds and if there was no rain the clouds would be pointless. Also it’s like, your eyes and your tears. What’s the point of having eyes when you can’t let a single shed of tear drop from them when you’re sad and that’s all you could do but to cry. You get the point.

Me and my family are just like that. When we're all together, it's like there's a bloody festival going on. Like that time when I went back to the Phils. (this year). We would talk until night time and even a power cut wouldn't stop us from being noisy buggers. When ever the power cut would occur, we would make this some sort of noise which spells out “Wuhuyyy!!!”. And then when the power would go back on, we would all scream of happiness. No, I'm serious. We were acting as if we didn't have any neighbours next to us. We were just so freaking loud.

So basically, your family is always there whether you want them there or not (hopefully for all of us). That’s the true passion of sticking together. Especially when you need a shoulder to cry on. Like, when you have a problem and you need to talk to someone; that someone could be who ever you want as long you think that they’re the right person to talk to and they’ve stuck by you through thick and thin. Or maybe, when you really need to talk to someone just coz you feel like there’s no hope left on this world. Okay, maybe that’s too major, but you know what I mean. It could just be that you just really need someone to listen to you. I hope you're getting this. Just always think that you have someone there to help you and to stick by you no matter what. There is always someone sticking with us even though we never realize it.

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