Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's not always about sinking to the bottom.

in life, you're not always sinking. ofcourse there's good bits. life has it’s ups & downs so just try to live with it. i’m not saying don’t do anything about it but try to keep your reasons into a minimum level.

before these past couple of weeks, i never really thought about writing a blog. but one day, me and my family talked online. we got to talking, the usual 'how are you', and then me & ate (sister) monette got to talking about blogs. she asked me if i write my own blogs. i said no, but after reading her blog- ‘the babysitter… bow’, i got to thinking that- writing blogs isn’t just about talking non sense. its about letting people out there know how you specifically feel.

anyway, as i was saying. it’s not always about sinking to the bottom. we have commitments, promises and lies. but the truth is, to survive what ever you’re sinking at.. we’re just going to have to be brave & just be adventurous. we can’t always be happy, we have to be sad sometimes- either heartbroken or homesick, we’re just going to have say “i can do this”.

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