Saturday, November 20, 2010

My saturday night.

So... yesterdat night, another party occured. It was a surprise 13th birthday this time; one of my best friends sisters. Believe it or not, I have never been to a surprise birthday. I got invited before but couldn't make it due to someone else's birthday. Yes, I can be a busy bee sometimes. Meaning, I actually do have a social life, which is rare.

I think giving someone a surprise birthday party is actually pretty awesome. I sure know as heck want one. The day will come when someone will plan a party or a gathering of people if you may, just for me. For my birthday. Who am I kidding. No one would actually bother. I remember actually going to my mum and telling her how she should plan me a surprise birthday party and I'll just act surprise, or she doesn't have to tell me when she's gonna do it, so my surprise face doesn't have to be a pretend one. She just looked at me like some loser to be honest. Meh. What else is new.

Anyway, I was obviously wearing heels to this party. Well, they're wedges to be precised. But they were some high ass wedges which pretty much murdered my feet after a couple of hours. Now don't give me the 'Oh you must not be used to wearing high shoes' kinda crap, because I am. I'm not saying I wear heels all the time, but I do quite often. Not gonna lie, these were some beautiful wedges, but Oh Good God at the pain.

This is the shoe I wore last night. (It's only 'shoe' because I cut this off from a picture so it's just showing one pair. Deal with it.)

Ps. Last night was also the night I attempted to dance to reggae music. And I clearly failed.

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