Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What could have been the day

Today,... could have been the actual day that I get to see... the one and only... Meryl Streep. This morning, I was too sick from excitement. I had a banana for breakfast and I don't know why but I was eating the banana quite fast. It definitely was because of the excitement. It was crazy. I was counting down the days to the 14th of October. Then the day came and I was just so hyper. I even asked my friend- 'can I jump on you' because I was so excited. She obviously said 'no'. I was at school and looking at the webcam in Leicester Sqaure on the computer. People started to arrive and I saw people standing bythe barriers. They were some Streepers that was there by 9am. I was just thinking to myself, 'Omg. Will I ever get to see anything? I'll never get a good spot.' While I was at school people begun to tweet that she's cancelled and that she's ill. Then I got really worried.
2.20pm I left the school. I met up with my crazy best friend Zahra who's also crazy about The Streep. We were so excited, we couldn't stop imagining things. We was in the bus and I was reading tweets from people saying 'she's cancelled', 'she's got swine flu'. It got a bit hectic and all me and Zahra were thinking 'what if' she comes. We got the event and started walking around and looking for a good spot. I saw some Streepers. You're bound to see them. When me and Zahra finally got a spot, we were still thinking 'what if' Meryl did come. But then we soon realized that she really wasn't coming.
It was our first A&Z red carpet event. (We're known as A&Z). But at least we got to see Peter Andre and got involved in his little hosting thing. We had to shout out 'FANTASTIC!' and we did it to the top of our lungs, we had to do it twice. So, we might just be on TV. Then he came to us and did some autographs. I couldn't beleive there was a celebrity, right there, in front of my face. I froze. A streeper said to me, 'what if it was Meryl'. I actually didn't realize I froze like that. I was suppose to get a picture with him but I was just staring at him like some psycho stalker with a weird grin on my face probably and didn't realize a man was filming us. If I get to see Meryl Streep, I would actually pass out. On the inside at least. I wouldn't know what to do. I would just be really clueless.
It was a pretty crazy night. There was a lady who had a fox costume on who almost stole Zahra's spot, I dropped my camera while waiting and did I mention I also saw George Clooney? Wish he got a bit close to us though, but oh well. We also saw other celebs such as Myleene Klass, Jonathan Ross, Jason Schwartzman, Cindy Crawford and heard Wes Anderson's voice (which was better than nothing). Unfamous people would walk on the red carpet and all we did was talk about their outfit. We saw some very short dresses and some very outragous shoes. It was a great experience for me and Zahra too. Crazy yet unforgettable. We got very bad head rushes because of the excitement.
I guess it just wasn't our time to meet La Streep just yet.

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