Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just Blogging

Blogging? I'd never knew what it meant if I'd heard that word a few years ago. But now isn't a few years ago, now is now. You'll probably think 'what on earth is this person talking about?' Anyway, this isn't the first time I've blogged. I've already started blogging on friendster. If you don't know what that is... It's kinda like Facebook.
To be honest, I have no idea what to blog about right now. Um... I'm listening to the BBC radio right now, they're celebrating ABBA- so all the songs that's playing are obviously ABBA songs sung by different talented artist's. There's banana in a plastic bag on the top of my bottom bunk bed and It's pretty much starting to smell as It's going rotten. I know, disgusting right. But I've forgotten I had a banana in my bag. My mom just totally had a go at me by not eating it and how I'm wasting it. I really don't like wasting food but sometimes it's like... you're not in the mood to eat it, so you leave it and say you're gonna eat it the next day or later and you never do until it starts to become no good anymore.
Ahhh... Dancing Queen is on right now. I love this song, it just gives you that happy feeling. I can imagine my mom singing and dancing to this song. She would try to sing the high pitch bit and starts to choke. But then she just carries on. Anyway... I think i'm off. Gotta' wake up early tomorrow and so not looking forward to it. Goodnight. :) xox

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